Sunday, May 16, 2010

MY Favorite beauty products!

This is a post dedicated to my favorites! For each category, I will post a more expensive first, and then an inexpensive item! (or for some there will just be one!) My ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS/FAVORITES are highlighted in Red!

MAKEUP: (I am pretty fair skinned with light strawberry blonde hair :)
  • eyeshadow: (E) Stila palettes, Bare minerals singles (I) L'orael HIP eyeshadow duos, Avon roller eyeshadows, JANE single eye colors
  • blush: (I) everyday minerals (purchased online @ in apple, new shoes, and snuggle
  • bronzer: (I) JANE bronzer compact (I love love love this one! Its perfect for my fair skin)
  • concealor: everyday minerals concealor in Mint (again, I LOVE this, it hides any redness on my face, and its really light weight.)
  • foundation: I don't really use any foundation, but if I had to, (E) Clinique in superbalanced makeup in #27
  • mascara: (E) clinique high impact mascara in #1 black (I) Rimmel volume flash in 005 extreme black
  • eyeliner: (I) covergirl perfect point plus in black onyx & expresso
  • lipgloss: (I) lip smackers or ELF...I am on the search for a nude lipgloss great on fair skinned or redheads if anyone knows of any, especially if they're cheap!
  • lipstick: none, I'm not a huge lipstick person, however any recommendations for really inexpensive ones for me to try would be great!

SKIN CARE: (I have combo skin: a semi-oily t-zone, but the rest is okay)
  • face soap: (I) clean and clear oil free facial foaming cleansor
  • face scrub/exfoliator: (I) neutrogena deep clean invigorating foaming scrub
  • face masque: (I) St Ive's mint mask
  • toner: (I) Olay refreshing toner (this is made from witch hazel...which i know you can also buy pretty cheap at drugstores and what not, so I think you could easily spend a few less dollars and just get witch hazel; this is what I am going to do next time.)
  • lotion: (I) I have clean and clear morning glow, oil free moisturizer with SPF 15. I like this but I don't like the little specs of glitter in it... any recommendations for an oil free face lotion with SPF?
  • others: I would like a good method for eliminating blackheads on my nose/chin; however, I have been unable to find any product to do this or way of getting rid of them if anyone has suggestions!

HAIR PRODUCTS: (I have decently curly, fine, thin hair that I have to wash once daily)
  • shampoo: (E) paul mitchell strength shampoo (I) herbal essences drama clean
  • conditioner: (I) Aussie 3 minute miracle, herbal essences hello hydration
  • curly hair product: (E-ish) Catwalk TIGI curls rock! (I've been using this years, I LOVE it), (I) fructis garnier curl shaping spray gel
  • straight hair product: (E) CHI shine serum (I) john frieda frizz-ease hair serum-transform (this stuff is really great... it makes my hair so sily soft!)
  • blowdryer: (E) CHI
  • straight iron: (E) CHI
  • curling iron: (I) conair instant heat 3/4 in. curling iron
  • others: (I) Aussie hair insurance leave in conditioning spray, Aussie anti-humidity flex hold hairspray, Dove flex hold hair spray, fructis garnier shine spray

*I'm always looking for different hair products/shampoos/conditioners to try out to make my hair be the softest, silkiest, strongest, shiniest, and least oily it can be, so lemme know if you have anything you love to use!

So girls... those are my favorites, must have products, WHAT ARE YOURS? I love to try new things, especially if they are cheap! Every single one of my inexpensive items I purchased for under $10 I believe! :D

xoxo, Stephanie


  1. Thanks so much for your comment! The only Rimmel mascara I've used so far is the new(ish) max volume flash, but I just love it. It makes my lashes have that thick-almost-clumpy look without being spider-y (Like all my technical terms? lol). I'm thinking about getting Sexy Curves next- have you tried that one?
    I love this post- I like how you did one expensive, and one inexpensive item. Yay for cheap makeup :)

  2. I see you're a fan of Jane too! I love the blog! I have to say though, your skin care routine is damaging your skin in so many ways! Especially your toner! If you would like me to go into detail about why, let me know, but for now I will just suggest a moisturizer and a blackhead eliminating product. Trader Joe's makes a fantastic moisturizer called enrich. Let me know if you can't get to a Trader Joe's so I can suggest an alternative, but this is less than 5 bucks and is better than twice as expensive ones at the drugstore. As for your blackheads, the only thing that helps blackheads is Salicylic Acid because it can penetrate oil to exfoliate the pore lining. The best product with Salicylic Acid is Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 hydrating Acne treatment. Put this all over your face day and night to prevent acne, exfoliate skin, and of course to get rid of blackheads.

  3. @In her makeup bag: I have not used the sexy curves one. I have used the new volume flash one you love, and the regular volume flash in the red tube. I like the second one better just because it works with my personal lashes the best... but if you try sexy curves you'll have to lemme know how it is! and thank you very much! :)

    @Poorcollegestudent: Yess, I love Jane! They are really cheap and surprisingly good for how inexpensive they are! Thanks so much for all your advice...I'm going to get the neutrogene 3-1 product you suggested (as soon as payday comes:), and as far as trader joes there is not one in my state. I'm wondering if I could order it online somewhere though, I am going to look. I hope so because I see they have the enrich one you recommended with SPF 15, and I am fair skinned so that's good for me! I'm really surprised to hear that toner is really damaging for your skin- most places I have read that the olay one is really good for getting any leftover dirt or makeup off your skin and makes your skin nice and smooth? I never knew it was bad for your skin! Thanks again for all the advice :)