Monday, January 4, 2010

...not beauty related, but how to get college textbooks CHEAP

Hey girls. :)
so.. I know its been a while since I updated.. when I started this blog, it was summer time, right before I left to attend a university. Since then college has kept me EXTREMELY busy, and unfortunately I never have time to update it. When I get out of school in May I plan to start updating again, and I can't wait. I've still been following your guys' blogs on and off, I just haven'd had time to update mine.

However, I did want to let you all know about how I bought my college textbooks this term, because its an amazing deal even though it's not beauty related. !! (coupon code: CC110759) It is a website that was recommended to me from some people at school where you rent your college textbooks instead of buying them from amazon, the bookstore, ect. You order them from their website, add them to your cart, and rent them for the term.. then once the semester is over, you print out a mailing label from their website and ship them back (free shipping both ways!), within a month after the semester ends, and thats it! This term I calculated everything out and my books from the bookstore would have been $938.23. From (a bookstore through ebay), they would have been around $800, and from was able to rent ALL my books for $420.00! So overall, I saved about 400-450 dollars this term just by renting them. They are either new or used books but they are always in good shape, and you're allowed to write and highlight in them! When you checkout, make sure to use the code ' CC110759 ' and you get 5% off your order!

Again, I just wanted to log on and share the word from this because it saved me 500 dollars and im sure some of you are college students too, and we all know saving that money lets us buy more makeup, shoes, and hair product ; )

Hope you had an amazing holiday season and new year!

xo, Stephanie!

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