Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Okay, so I want to review two products I have been trying out, the first is H2O spa hair repair seaweed masque, and the second is palladio oil absorbing rice paper tissues.

This is it's description: A moisture intensive treatment for hair damaged by sun, heat, saltwater, chlorine or other environmental elements.

I give this product a thumbs down, unfortunately. I got it discounted for $4.99 at TJ Maxx, and it really didn't add any moisture or make my hair soft or anything. The only thing it did was make my hair smell bad.. the product has a seaweed/unpleasant smell to it, and your hair smells like it until the next wash. Overall, I do not recommend this product. If you're looking for a good moisture treatment (if you straighten/blowdry/curl your hair a lot like me) then i suggest either Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner (smells AMAZING) or one of garnier fructis's deep conditioners. They are both much better, about $2.00 and smell good!

Next, I want to review these Palladio rice paper tissues, which I buy at Sally's for $3.99 a pack (which contain 40 sheets) I buy them in the color "natural" because they have a slight powder to them, and I am very fair skinned. These are AMAZING! Seriously, I love them. If you live anywhere where it is humid a lot, or even if you face just gets greasy/slimy feeling during the day, then GO BUY THESE! I love them. You just take out one sheet (about the size if a credit card, so the pack is perfect for your purse!) and blot your entire face with the powdered side. It takes off all grease/sweat and makes your face super smooth and matte looking again! But, the best part about these are... THEY LEAVE YOUR MAKEUP ON! I love these. They are probably my best makeup/skincare find of the summer! Sometimes sally's even has them on sale for like $2 a pack too.

Alright, my next post will most likely be about Everyday minerals makeup, because I got some after reading about it online, and I have ordered twice from them now, so I have many foundations/blushes/eyehadows to talk about with them. :)

Here is a quote that I like to remember: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -- Eleanor Roosevelt.

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