Saturday, August 8, 2009


Does anyone know, because I am new to this site.. is there any way to search for blogs. Like, you found my blog, and I was wondering if there is a way for me to find other beauty, makeup, fashion, ect blogs, so I can follow those too. Right now I've just been clicking on random people's followers to try and find other beauty blugs to follow.



  1. that is such a good question because i'd like to know too. it would be so good to be able to search for beauty blogs :)
    love kamy

  2. I've been trying to do the same thing. Hopefully someone will know.

  3. yeah thats really the only way that I know of. I just follow blogs through other blogs.

  4. yeah I can't find anything either. :/
    It would definitely make it easier, oh well.

    Thanks for the replies! :)

  5. Hey, In the UK Batiste dry shampoo is quite popular, & it doesn't make your hair feel funny, it just feels like you've washed and blow dried it :)

  6. well i found your blog through whit's blog..that is all you have to do..go on the blogs you already follow, check out their followers..go on their follower's blog..and you keep going like that..
    hope that helps

  7. Hi! Welcome here:) I am almost new too :-P I liked your blog, it seems we think the same way at least in what I read!
    I'm following you, if you don't mind.

    Ps. When I entered here I was wondering that too, but as far as I've seen there's any way to search for blogs, only checking comments & followers! That's a pity, I think they should make something to search other blogs...

  8. *Louise, thanks for the reply! I'll have to try and find something like this in america, because i have really curly hair and it takes a while to straighten it, so this would definitely help to keep it straight a couple days!

    *Miss, I'll have to keep doing that then :) thank you!

    *Nemo, I'm going to check out and follow your blog as well. If we are similar then I will definitely want to read! I agree, they should make a search blog feature or something on here!

  9. hello fellow redhead!

    thank you so much for sharing the chocolate chip recipe! I have been looking for a good one for ages. I'll definitely try it as soon as I can, I'll tell you how it went!

    As for beauty blogs, there is a new blogger that found me:

    and hers is a beauty blog. Search her followers, some are beauty bloggers too.

    And search through comments and other people's followers. I am sure many people will find you aswell^^

    I'm glad i found you among my followers, you're starting what i am sure will be a great blog! i am following :)


  10. Hi new blogger u have such a pretty blog an I m following u too :)

    and I know how hard to find beauty bloggers but here is one of the most known and so many ppl's (including me) favorite blog,


    you can follow her followers or the blogs that she follow :).. If you don't know allready her blog that might be helpful :) xx

  11. Hey!! Thanks for following my blog :)

  12. hey hun! Just wanted to say thank you for becoming a follower of my blog! I'm going to become a follower of yours! I like what you're doing so far! I love your red hair by the way! :)

    Also, about your question, what you're doing is pretty much what I did when I first started, it gets easier with time, getting to know other people on here. I would highly suggest any of the amazing bloggers I follow or that follows my blog, they usually always take the time to leave comments and such! Good luck with your search!

  13. *Ines- you'll have to let me know how the cookies turn out. :) Thank you for the other girl's blog, I added both you and her and will continue looking through everyones followers to find more people!

    *Dila- thanks for following! Wow, her blog is amazing, so I am following both of you now as well. :) That's really helpful since she has so many followers, I appreciate it!

    *Miss- no problem :] same to you!

    *Tasha- aww, thank you! I will never ever dye it, haha. I'm going to look through your followers/who you follow, because it seems like they're really great!

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my question! You have all given me a lot of useful tips/blogs to look through and have made it a lot easier for me to start :D

  14. Hey! Nice blog. Thank you so much for following my blog it means so much. i'll follow you as well :-) As far as your question that is the same way I find beauty clicking on the links people leave of their blog in comments or searching followers. You're doing great tho!! As far as all you of you who are looking for a new beauty blog Here is my link :-) Thanks again!!